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Reflexology is a wonderful way of helping the body detox.  For those that may feel massage is too personal massaging the hands and feet can feel like a safer choice.  On your hands and feet there are pressure points that coordinate to every organ, gland and system in your body.  By massage or using light touch on areas of the hands and feet can help stimulate circulation, facilitate healing while giving you a general all over sense of feeling good.  Touching some areas can relieve emotional pain and physical pain. If you touch your feet you may notice hard areas, soft areas or painful areas.

Notice your skin.  Is it tough??  Is it soft?  Is it grainy?  Your feet and hands are areas where you body discharges toxins.  When we keep our feet all bundled up in shoes we stop them from breathing properly.  Notice your hand when you put your hand on a glass table.  There is a misting around the hand where the skin is breathing.  Many of the products that people put on their hands actually stop the skin from doing it's job properly.

Only fine products should be used to help the skin breathe and heal properly while massaging the feet and hands.  Most products that are found at the stores use toxic chemicals that irritate the skin and lay on top of it instead of healthfully being absorbed.  Your feet and hands breathe just like your lungs, it discharges and absorbs things from your environment.

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